Annual Sports Events in the Czech Republic

Just like any other country, the Czech Republic has some annual sports events where a large number of people come as participants or spectators. An experience like this is quite vibrant and certainly unforgettable. Therefore, if you are a sports enthusiast then you should continue to read this article where we will show you the annual sports events that take place in the Czech Republic.


Prague Marathon

The Prague Marathon is also known as the Prague International Marathon, and it is held every year in May, in the beautiful city of Prague. The marathon was actually founded in 1995 and it has grown quite a lot over time. Therefore, it is nowadays a significant event in the Czech Republic, awarded with AAF Gold Label status. According to the media, the Prague Marathon is the world’s most international event, with two-thirds of runners coming from 50 different countries. Furthermore, the course where the event is being held is the seventh-fastest and it has been voted one of the most wonderful in the entire world. You can either attend the Prague Marathon as a spectator as well as a participant. However, we are pretty sure that in both cases you will have lots of fun.

FMX Gladiator Games

This is another interesting annual sports events held in the Czech Republic every year. We highly recommend going to Prague not only for visiting this beautiful metropolitan city but also for attending the FMX Gladiator Games for an unforgettable experience. The event is full of adrenalin, entertainment, records, and also dazzling performances. In the past, the audience has actually witnessed the first backflip on an HD motorcycle or a spectacular jump with a passenger car. Once you attend the FMX Gladiator Games you will surely want to come back for another memorable experience. Even though you don’t have friends who you can take with you at this event you can always choose to hire an escort in Prague: . In this city, the escorts are quite charming and funny and clients also have the possibility to invite them to different events if all they want is a companion. Therefore, keep this tip in mind for your holiday to Prague.

Moto Grand Prix of the Czech Republic

Those who love adrenaline sports should definitely not miss this extraordinary event, which is also known as the Masaryk circuit. The Moto Grand Prix is being held in Kohoutovice, which is a location 15-kilometre away from the Moravian metropolis Brno. It was used before and after World War II for several events such as the Grand Prix Masaryk. Today, the current circuit from here measures not more and not less than 5.3 kilometres and it has 14 turns of which 6 are left-handers and 8 are right-hand corners, and they offer excellent overtaking opportunities. The Brno circuit appreciates riders who keep high average speed while they actually ride gently enough in order to preserve their tyres during the entire race. The location is surrounded by pine-tree hills, and the views are without a doubt magnificent. Anyone who wants to attend this event should by the MotoGP tickets online.

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