Unusual Winter Sports in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the perfect place to try some of the most unusual sports this winter. If you really want to do something spectacular and different then you should start planning your trip to this amazing destination. Here are some unusual winter sports in the Czech Republic that any sports lover will find very attractive.



In case you didn’t know, the Czech Republic is one of the world powers in ski-bobbing. It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional because you can always try this sport for fun with your friends. There are plenty of instructors who can teach you the rules. Professional riders usually reach speeds of up to 110 km per hour, but you as a beginner should reach a speed of maximum 70 km per hour. However, this activity will certainly be very entertaining and unforgettable.

Snow Shoes

Yes, this is a sport. Snowshoeing is a very popular relaxation sports activity that you should go for this winter. The principle is quite simple. The weight of an individual spreads over a larger area than just your feet, so one doesn’t sink into the snow as much. The balance is the key here, and in order to gain more of it you should use ski or trek poles. The best advantage of snowshoes is that you can actually head out anywhere you want. You have the possibility to rent snowshoes in most ski resorts.


In case you are looking for an adrenaline winter sport, then snow-tubing is exactly what you need. Even though it is an adrenaline activity you definitely have nothing to worry about. There are several excellent snow-tubing areas in Zubri Resort, Novako Ski Resort, and in Bozi Dar. Take your friends with you and spend a memorable time in any of these locations.

Snow Scooters

This is another wonderful winter activity that you should go for in case you visit the Czech Republic this winter. Unfortunately, this sports activity has not spread widely due to the fact that the mountains are quite small and there are just a few specially marked trails. Despite this disadvantage, you can still have a great adventure on the snowy plains of the stunning Krkonose Mountains. Furthermore, you also have the option to go to one of the many winter resorts where you can rent a scooter.

Ride on a Bobsleigh Track

The adrenaline of this winter sports activity has become extremely popular with people of all ages. You can limit the speed as well as the style of the ride in order to feel comfortable and safe at all times. High-quality bobsleigh tracks can be found in the Krkonose Mountains and many other resorts in the Czech Republic.

Ride a Sledge

This is a wonderful activity not only for children but for adults as well. In Spindleruv Mlyn you will find a 4-kilometre natural sledge where you can hit the snow with the entire family. The foothill of Cernahora in the Krkonose Mountains is also an excellent place for riding a sledge. The Czech Republic certainly is the best choice for an unforgettable winter.

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