What is Korfball and How to Play It

Korfball as a sport is extremely old. It was actually born a century ago when the schoolteacher Nico Broekhusijens invented it in the Netherlands. This is basically a mixed-sex ball sport that has several influences from basketball, handball, as well as netball. Not only it is one of the few sports played by men and women alike, but it is also inclusive to trans students, which is without a doubt an excellent thing which shows that everyone has equal rights. There is no doubt that Korfball is a team sport where all the participants work together in order to achieve the best results. At the time of its invention, it was quite strange because there were men and women competing with each other, and that hasn’t been seen before. That was the main reason why lots of people purposefully ignored this sport for a very long period of time. This belief has been eroded over time and Korball has become quite popular these days, especially in the Czech Republic.


This sport shares the same aim just like basketball and netball. There are two teams that compete to score as many goals into a basket placed at either end of the court. The basket usually stands at 3.5 metres, which is basically 2 feet higher than a basketball hoop. Another difference is that it doesn’t have a backboard. It is certainly not difficult to play Korfball and here is what you must do. First of all, both teams must have 8 players, 4 male and 4 female. They are then divided into two separate divisions of 2 female and 2 male players. The courts is also divided in half. When two goals are scored, the divisions for both teams will need to switch ends. This means that during a match one team will have several opportunities to attack as well as defend. Netball has rigid set positions but Korfball doesn’t, which means that one can actually run around as much as they want. Therefore, the match can definitely be played at great pace.


Another interesting departure from basketball is that players are not allowed to dribble with the ball, but are allowed to take two steps with the ball in case they catch it in the air. Korfball can be quite fluid, through the combination of quick passing and player movement, and also extremely fun to play. In the Czech Republic, this sport is a national one and it is also played by many inhabitants just for relaxation and fun. There are many competitions organized throughout the year and if you ever visit this country then we strongly recommend you to watch a game for a different experience, and who knows, maybe you will start to like it.


We hope that all the above information will help all our readers understand exactly what is Korfball and how it is actually played. A better understanding will definitely add a plus to this sport, which hopefully will become even more popular all over the world in the near future.

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