Leisure and Sport in Prague

Have you already booked your flight to Prague? If so, then you must be very well informed regarding what activities you can try in this beautiful metropolitan city. In case you didn’t have time for organizing your time, then we will recommend you in the following some excellent location for relaxation and physical activity as […]

What is Korfball and How to Play It

Korfball as a sport is extremely old. It was actually born a century ago when the schoolteacher Nico Broekhusijens invented it in the Netherlands. This is basically a mixed-sex ball sport that has several influences from basketball, handball, as well as netball. Not only it is one of the few sports played by men and […]

Annual Sports Events in the Czech Republic

Just like any other country, the Czech Republic has some annual sports events where a large number of people come as participants or spectators. An experience like this is quite vibrant and certainly unforgettable. Therefore, if you are a sports enthusiast then you should continue to read this article where we will show you the […]